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Safety First: Four Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Refrigerated Food Safe

Refrigerated Food Photo by Nicolas Barbier Garreau on Unsplash

Ensuring food safety by properly chilling foods in the refrigerator is often overlooked. Sadly, millions of people come down with foodborne illness each year. Unfortunately, the majority of these cases are preventable. Routinely checking your refrigerator’s temperature and contents are easy ways

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How Do I Clean That: Four Frequently Asked Questions About Oven Maintenance

Oven Maintenance Photo by unknown user via Pixabay -

Cookies, casseroles, and biscuits are some of the most savory and comforting foods known to man. Thanks to having an oven, most consumers can enjoy these dishes whenever they desire. However, most consumers take their oven for granted and don’t

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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Four Ways to Prevent your Dryer from Overheating

Dryer Overheating Photo by Sam Sy on Unsplash

I think we can all agree that an overheated dryer is the last thing someone wants to deal with. According to multiple sources, dryers typically last 10-13 years if well cared for and overheating is kept to a minimum. Not sure what

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