5 Things You Should Never Put Through Your Washer

Washer & Dryer

Washers and dryers make our lives tremendously easier. Can you imagine having to wash all your clothes by hand before drying them on a line? Though these machines are very straightforward to use, it is important to remember that they

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Doc’s Guide to Keeping Your Dishwasher Running Smoothly


Have you ever taken a bowl out of the cupboard only to find it isn’t actually clean? It’s unpleasant and frustrating, after all, what’s a dishwasher good for if it isn’t doing its job? With some maintenance, cleaning, and tips

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How to Stop Your Refrigerator from Accidentally Freezing Your Food

Frozen Food

Your refrigerator is supposed to keep your food cold, but not too cold — so what do you do if it’s freezing your food every now and then? Frozen food can be a minor inconvenience or a big frustration. It

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