4 Exciting Smart Kitchen Appliances Available Right Now

Smart Kitchen

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding smart homes right now. While fully interconnected smart homes may still be more at home in science fiction films, there are a lot of exciting smart appliances available for use in the average home.

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Doc’s Tips for Cleaning Your Microwave Like a Pro


Cleaning your microwave isn’t fun, but neither is using an appliance covered with splatters, grime and caked on food. For food safety, microwave maintenance, and good old-fashioned cleanliness, cleaning your microwave every now and then is a must. If you’re

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Doc’s Guide to Cleaning Your Toaster Oven

Clean Toaster Docs Appliance

Much like microwaves, toaster ovens have a habit of getting dirty fast. Bagels, toast and other bread have a way of leaving crumbs in the toaster, while pizza (or pizza bagels) can leave grease and cheese inside the device. Cleaning

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