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Crazy Clean: A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning a Flat Top Stove

Flat top stove

Flat-top stoves are becoming popular among consumers, partly because they are easier to clean than traditional burner stoves. For instance, spills are easier to wipe up, and the flat surface provides a level environment for scraping off messes. New to

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Safety First: How to Prevent Appliance Fires in the Home

Prevent Appliance Fires in the Home

Preventing appliance fires is not rocket science. However, it does require common sense and routine maintenance. Fires need oxygen, heat, and materials to consume, all of which your appliances contain. Being mindful of the space around your appliances and clearing

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Beat the Heat: A Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Your A/C Unit This Summer

Summer Tips A/C Unit Photo by Carlos Domínguez on Unsplash

Homeowners are often quick to reap the benefits of their A/C unit in the summer, but most are beginners when it comes to caring for their air conditioners. While your A/C is typically a reliable appliance, engaging in periodic maintenance

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