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Money in your Pocket: Easy Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills in 2018

Save Money Photo by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash

Energy costs are a common area where consumers are always looking to save money. Appliances are expensive to purchase, and many overlook the price of energy usage and maintenance. Looking to cut your energy costs and not sure where to

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Four DIY Tips for Keeping your Stove Clean

Stove Photo by Waqar Hassan via Pixabay

Keeping your stove clean is an integral part of maintaining its use in the long run. You use it often to cook for family, friends, or just yourself. As a result, food and sauce can build up. Cleaning your stove

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How to Help: How to Clean your Microwave

Microwave Photo by Mimzy via pixabay

For most people, using a microwave is self-explanatory. However, many people have questions about how to clean theirs and often ask for help. Microwaves bring convenience to food preparation and with extensive usage, can get dirty, quickly. Not sure where

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