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Four Reasons Your Laundry Isn’t Drying

Laundry Photo by Ian Valerio on Unsplash

When you hear your dryer buzz, informing you the laundry is done, you expect to find your clothes dry. It’s frustrating to discover your laundry is still wet after a complete cycle. For most people, dryers help add convenience to

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Best Fit: How to Choose the Best Washer and Dryer

Washer Photo Photo by Ryan McGuire via pixabay

Choosing the best type of washer and dryer for your home can be a stressful decision. There are numerous brands of both washers and dryers, but all have the same end goal: efficiently getting your clothes clean. To help you

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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Four Ways to Prevent your Dryer from Overheating

Dryer Overheating Photo by Sam Sy on Unsplash

I think we can all agree that an overheated dryer is the last thing someone wants to deal with. According to multiple sources, dryers typically last 10-13 years if well cared for and overheating is kept to a minimum. Not sure what

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