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Four DIY Tips for Keeping your Stove Clean

Stove Photo by Waqar Hassan via Pixabay

Keeping your stove clean is an integral part of maintaining its use in the long run. You use it often to cook for family, friends, or just yourself. As a result, food and sauce can build up. Cleaning your stove

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Make it Last: A DIY Guide to Cleaning Your Flat Top Stove

Flat Top Stove Photo by unknown user via pixabay

Flat top stoves are growing in popularity not only because of their sleek look but also because they are easy to clean. For example, flat top stoves do not have burner coils or pans. This makes maintenance and cleaning convenient

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Gas Stoves vs. Electric Stoves: What’s the Difference?

Gas Stoves Photo by Steve Buissinne via pixabay

Buying a new stove can be daunting, especially when trying to choose between gas and electric models. Depending on your home’s resources, you may only be able to pick one or the other. Both gas stoves and electric stoves have

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