Most of us learn how to use washers and dryers at a young age. Doing laundry may seem fairly straightforward, but you might not realize that certain tips can save you time, money, and energy with your laundry.

Most of us don’t put any thought into it, but saving a little time and money with every load can add up! With that in mind, here are some of our top tips for efficient laundry:

  1. Tackle those stains now instead of later. It may not always be convenient, but the sooner you address a stain, the more likely you are to get it out. Better yet, if you act quick enough, you don’t even need any special products! If you don’t have time to work on the stain, just let it soak in a bucket with water and a little detergent. For a more comprehensive look at removing stains, check out this infographic.
  2. Use the right amount of detergent. Did you know that most detergent manufacturers recommend using more than is necessary? They do want you to buy more, after all! Check your washing machine manufacturer’s recommendations for an appropriate amount. Using the right amount means you won’t end up with sudsy clothes, as well as less money spent on detergent.
  3. Mark a line on your detergent cup. Have you ever squinted or struggled to find the right measuring line on your detergent cup? After finding the washer manufacturer’s instructions, it’s worth marking a line on your cup with a Sharpie. That way you don’t have any trouble finding it next time!
  4. Clean your machines. Cleaning your washer every now and then is essential to removing accumulated dirt and soap that may hinder its ability to clean effectively. Additionally, keeping both machines clean ensures that both run as efficiently as possible. Thrifty homeowners should clean both every few months for maximum energy and water savings. Check out our blog for detailed guides for both!
  5. Only fill your washer drum about three-quarters of the way. Three-quarters is a perfect balance between cleanliness and efficiency. Much more and you risk improperly washing clothes, while much less means wasting water and energy. For a more accurate estimate, consult your washer manual or contact the manufacturer.

Wondering how to squeeze extra efficiency out of your washer and dryer? Looking for any additional tips on getting the most out of your household appliances? Stay tuned for more expert advice on our blog!