• Wipe debris from dishes before loading into machine.
  • Clean filtering screen in bottom of dishwasher (refer to owners manual).
  • Use recommended amount of dishwasher soap and rinse aid (newer models work best with rinse aid). Dishwasher Magic is recommended and sold at our location.
  • Do not use liquid dish soap such as Palmolive, Dawn, Joy, etc. These types of cleaning agents are meant to create soapy suds, and do not have the correct properties.
  • If the wrong type of soap is used and the dishwasher has too much suds, sprinkle powdered coffee creamer in the dishwasher to cut down the suds. Then run the unit through a quick rinse cycle to wash out the excess soap.
  • Another remedy to clean out the incorrect soap is as follows….If your dishwasher is still going through its cycle while overflowing, turn it off and unload your dishwasher. Use a bucket, a sponge and some paper towels to remove as many soapy suds as you possibly can. Be sure your soap dispenser is open, then place a couple tablespoons of cooking oil in the bottom of your dishwasher, and run your dishwasher empty. The oil helps to neutralize those never-ending suds. After your dishwasher has completed its cycle, pour a few cups worth of distilled white vinegar in the bottom of your appliance, and sprinkle a good amount of table salt on top. Then, run your empty dishwasher, again—making sure the soap dispenser is left open. Depending on the severity of your bubble mess, alternate this above process until the dishwasher suds are gone.

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