• Check lint screen and exhaust system of your dryer for heavy lint build up.
  • This can be the cause of poor drying and lint fires.
  • A dryer dries your clothes by pulling in air from around the dryer, warming that air and forcing the warm air through the clothes while tumbling them.  A dryer must have positive air flow in order to dry the clothes efficiently. This is why it is so important to keep the dryer exhaust vent clean. Imagine if you were to hang your clothes on a line outside. You would rather have a 60 degree windy day than an 80 degree day with no breeze.
  • If you have a gas dyer that smells like gas inside don’t panic. Most likely the dryer itself is all right. The most common reason for this is that fumes from another source are being concentrated in the dryer.  As described above a dryer sucks air from all around it. If there are any fumes in the air they will be concentrated in the dryer and on the clothes. Be sure to air out the house and/or laundry area if you have done any staining, painting or varnishing.

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