I think we can all agree that home ownership is both a blessing and a curse. Excess humidity and moisture makes a house feel damp, can exacerbate allergies, and lead to structural damage. Using a dehumidifier can prevent unwanted moisture and combat humidity, especially important in summer months. Thinking that it may be time to invest in a dehumidifier? Look for these five tell-tale signs that you could benefit.

You Cough and Sneeze…a Lot

Coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes are common allergy symptoms. Summer sees an increase in pollen, ragweed, and tree oak allergens due to the growing season. Outdoor allergy sufferers can even suffer indoors, as people will have their windows open more often. Indoor mold and dust mites also trigger nagging allergy symptoms, often seeing peak growth environments flourish from May to September. By cutting down the moisture, dehumidifiers squash the spread of these allergens and provide relief to those red eyes and never ending sneezes.

Moisture Appears on Your Windows

Does condensation build up on your windows, especially early in the morning? This may be caused by humidity. Humidity, plainly speaking, is a measure of the moisture or water in the air. The warmer the air, the more moisture can be held, hence a natural increase in humidity and moisture in the summer. Using a dehumidifier will draw in moisture and air, collecting the condensation, and return dry air to the room. This will help protect windows and surrounding structures, saving you money down the road.

Your Basement Feels Damp

Often times, basements are a cool retreat to beat the heat or a cozy haven in the snowy months. If your basement has no windows or outside exits, there is potential for moisture to accumulate during any point of the year. Those old tubs of clothes from the 80’s and Christmas decorations? They also could be moisture targets without adequate air flow. Running a dehumidifier prevents that damp feeling and can help warm the basement in the winter by pulling moisture out of the air.

Mold Starts to Appear

Where moisture lingers, mold typically follows. Mold spore growth is accelerated by moist and damp environments. There are several different types of mold, but most appear as dark spots on hard surfaces, such as walls, tile, or window sills. Basements and bathrooms without windows or adequate air flow are prime targets. If you start seeing mold spots along walls, nooks, and crannies, a dehumidifier should be your first action.

Your House Smells Musty

You know that familiar odd smell when you haven’t opened your basement door in a while? If you find your nose is smelling the same musty, damp odor in an area of your own home that doesn’t get much air flow, it’s a definite sign that you have moisture accumulating. Again, dehumidifies can alleviate this smell by wiping out the culprit, which is moisture.
If you’ve been experiencing any of these issues, then it is time to purchase a dehumidifier! Dehumidifiers are fairly small, inexpensive appliances that require minimal upkeep. Doc’s Appliances has professionals on hand to help you determine if a dehumidifier is necessary or to help your repair your existing one. We’re dedicated to keeping your house moisture and odor free. Give us a call today, at 800-726-7130.