Keeping your stove clean is an integral part of maintaining its use in the long run. You use it often to cook for family, friends, or just yourself. As a result, food and sauce can build up. Cleaning your stove may seem like a chore; however, staying on top of it can help prevent hazards. This article will highlight four easy tips for keeping your stove clean in no time.

Prevent Spills and Stains when Cooking

Common sense cooking ideas can save you a lot of cleaning hassle when it comes to stoves. For example, using a spoon rest to place dirty spoons in between stirring can contain food and prevent spills. Spoon rests are cheap kitchen accessories. Using lids can also prevent spills and liquids from boiling over and causing a mess on the stove top.

Frequently Remove Debris

Over time, food crumbs and sauce drippings will accumulate on stove tops and are a safety hazard. Removing the food crumbs often can help prevent odors, smoke, and even kitchen fires. To avoid injury or burns, let the stove cool after cooking. After the top cools down, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe crumbs away. Likewise, using a scrub sponge or knife helps to scrape off any debris or dried sauces that are stuck to the surface as well.

Clean the Burner Pans

Most electric stoves have burner or drip pans. These metal pans catch debris and food and sit underneath the electric burners and coils. To clean the burner pans, lift up the coils and slide the burner pan from the socket. Next, wash the burner pans in warm water with dish soap. Cleaning burner pans frequently can help prevent food from dropping into the wiring deep within the stove.

Polish that Flat Top

Flat top stoves are convenient because there are no burner pans for food to fall into during cooking. The flat surface is easy to wipe down after each use and scrape off excess debris. It’s also important to keep the flat surface polished. Once every couple weeks, thoroughly wipe down the flat top, completely removing any debris. You can purchase polish specifically designed for flat tops at most stores in the cleaning supply section. Use the coarse side of a scrubbing sponge and elbow grease to work the polish into the surface. After thoroughly spreading around, use a paper towel to wipe the surface clean.

Cleaning your stove doesn’t have to be a long, cumbersome chore. Routinely removing debris and scrubbing down your stove in between uses takes less than 10 minutes and can help your stove function more efficiently over time. If you have questions about your stove, call Doc’s Appliance Service. Our professionals are happy to help and you reach them at 800-726-7130.