Appliance repairs can be daunting, but the good news is that professional technicians can provide both knowledge and work. While some minor appliance repairs are easy DIY jobs, it is dangerous to attempt a more complicated repair on an appliance with little knowledge or training just to save a few bucks. Not sure when you are out of your element with appliance repair? Here are four signs you should leave it to the professionals.

1.    Smoke Appears

Rule number one for smoke is that anytime an appliance starts smoking, or you even smell a burning odor, turn the appliance off immediately. Additionally, even if the appliance is off, unplugging the appliance is also necessary. After you have the smoke or odor contained, call an appliance repair expert soon. Your appliance may be a fire hazard, and you could do more damage than help trying a DIY repair. Ultimately, use common sense and call 911 in an emergency.

2.    Your Utilities are Higher than Normal

Electric and energy bills typically fluctuate with the seasons, but if you notice a sharp increase in your utility costs that lasts for a couple of months, your appliances may be working overtime. A professional can help you diagnose the culprit and repair the unit to work more efficiently, lowering your utility bills to where you would expect them to be. Technicians can also determine if the model of your appliance is too old to work efficiently and provide you with cost-effective models for replacement.

3.    You Don’t Recognize That Sound

Broken parts or shifted appliances can make buzzing, clunking, or humming sounds that indicate something is wrong. If you don’t recognize the sound your appliances making, turn it off immediately. Be sure to use caution to determine if an object is obstructing the rotation or movement of the appliance. If you are still stumped, an experienced technician can help determine why the sound is occurring. They will also suggest any repairs needed to get the appliance running correctly.

Home repairs should be taken seriously and utilizing a professional technician can save time and money in the long run. Appliances aren’t made to last forever but taking the time to maintain your appliance and correctly repair them when needed can keep them running for a long time. Doc’s Appliance Service has several professionals ready to provide reliable service. Give us a call today at 800-726-7130.