Repairing a broken ice maker can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that with a little elbow grease and troubleshooting, most of these issues are easily repairable.  The most common problem is the lack of ice production, which could be due to several factors. This article will help you troubleshoot why your ice maker is not producing ice and give you tips for DIY repair.

The Water Supply is Cutoff

Often times, ice makers malfunction when they are missing their most important ingredient: water. When your ice maker is not producing ice, but you still hear a buzzing sound, this is signaling that the machinery is still wanting to work. In this case, the water supply is cut off at some point, stopping the flow of water. If you don’t have water, you won’t make ice. Make sure the tubing (either plastic or copper) isn’t kinked or pinched to prevent water flow to the ice maker.

Your Solenoid is Malfunctioning

The solenoid carries the electricity, which in turn regulates the power to your ice maker.  Because the solenoid also controls the water supply, if it is malfunctioning or broken, there is no energy to pump the water to the ice maker. Unplugging your refrigerator to inspect the solenoid for debris buildup is a good first step in troubleshooting. If you suspect the solenoid is the issue, replacement solenoids are fairly inexpensive.

 Everything is Frozen

If your ice maker is not producing ice, freezing parts or tubes can be another culprit. The water fill tube (which supplies the water to make the ice) often is the part to freeze. You can thaw the tube by unplugging the refrigerator, removing the ice bin and any loose ice, and then either using a hair dryer to defrost or remove the tube and soak in hot water. The most important thing when thawing the tube is to be sure any water and electronics do not mix to avoid electrical shock.

Ultimately, ice maker repair is fairly simple compared to other appliances. These three DIY maintenance checks can help save you money. However, if you find that your ice maker is still having issues, Doc’s Appliances has experienced maintenance technicians that can diagnose and fix your ice maker or refrigerator in no time. Don’t hesitate to call Doc’s at 1-800-726-7130 today for all of your ice making needs.