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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Refrigerator Running

Purchasing a refrigerator often requires a substantial investment. Obviously, you want to keep your refrigerator running properly. Regular maintenance of your refrigerator is one way to keep it running longer and more efficiently. There is more you can do to ensure the longevity of your refrigerator. Here are some more tips and tricks to keep your refrigerator running.

    1. Keep Your Refrigerator at the Best Temperature

While setting your refrigerator’s temperature extra cold seems like a good idea; in the long run, it does more damage to your refrigerator. You don’t want the food in the refrigerator to ice over; that’s what the freezer is for. Extra cold settings actually force your refrigerator to work harder in order to maintain that temperature. Alternatively, setting your refrigerator’s temperature at a warmer setting not only helps your refrigerator last longer, it also saves you money on electricity. Check your owner’s manual for the suggested temperature to keep your appliance in optimal condition. It helps save you money while keeping your food fresh.

    1. Check the Door Seals

When your refrigerator door stops sealing properly, it leads to a lot of problems. A loose seal allows air to seep out, which, in turn, wastes electricity. More importantly, it forces your refrigerator to work harder in order to maintain the temperature. A simple way to keep your door seals working properly is to clean them. Simply, use a toothbrush and a solution of baking soda and water to clear off any food residue. Just doing this a few times a year will help keep your refrigerator’s door seal tight.

    1. Clean the Coils

The refrigerator coils are another important aspect to consider when maintaining your refrigerator. Neglecting the maintenance of these coils is one of the main reason that refrigerators fail to cool properly. When the coils get caked with dirt and debris it hinders the refrigerator’s ability to cool correctly. Moreover, when the compressor is dirty it starts to get extremely hot and results in the compressor failing early. To keep your coils running smoothly, take a hand wand vacuum and suck up all the dust and grime surrounding the coils. By doing this twice a year you help your refrigerator last longer.

    1. Keep the Freezer Full

Most people keep the refrigerator full, but it’s equally important to keep the freeze just as full. Interestingly, keeping your freezer stocked full of frozen goods helps your refrigerator last longer. The more frozen food in the freezer, the less time your refrigerator has to run to maintain the freezer’s temperature. It’s a simple way to help your refrigerator last longer.

Refrigerators are an essential appliance to your household, but you don’t want to have to continuously buy new ones. In order to keep your refrigerator running, keep it at the best temperature, check the door seals, clean the coils, and keep the freezer full. Doc’s Appliance Service can help you maintain your fridge and keep it running. We are trained professionals when it comes to appliances. If you have any questions or need any service repairs for your home’s appliances contact us today at 800-726-7130.

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16 comments on “Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Refrigerator Running
  1. Thank you for pointing out that making the refrigerator colder than it is supposed to be is not a good idea because it is more prone to getting damages in the long run. We have no choice but to do this though since there are a lot of things in there that we need to cool. I think the best that we can do is be prepared in case there are parts that need to be replaced.

  2. I never knew that setting your refrigerator’s temperature at a warmer setting not only helps your refrigerator last longer, it also saves you money on electricity. I have noticed my fridge is not running as smoothly as it used to. Thanks for the tips and tricks for keeping your refrigerator running.

  3. Hector Uba says:

    It’s great that you elaborated on keeping your refrigerator running for longer. I had no idea that keeping things in your freezer helps the unit to last longer. I would imagine that replacing parts is an important aspect of maintaining your appliances and also a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

  4. Ken Hwan says:

    It was really surprising to me that the more food you have in your freezer, the more money you will save on freezing your food since you have less room you have to keep cold! My wife and I are trying ways to save money around the house, and buying more food in our freezer seems like a very cheap option to save some money! I will be sure to show my wife this article and let her know that we should go to the store soon and buy more freezer foods!

  5. Thanks for your comment about how a refrigerator should be sealed well. I also like how you said that the coil should always be cleaned. My husband and I are looking for a good appliance service to repair our refrigerator.

  6. I just bump on this article and it called me interesting to read, and it was worth it. I have many learning from this article that is very useful and helpful. Thank you for sharing this great article, keep it up!.

  7. Rick Smith says:

    Very well written article with full information. Thank you for sharing this great info. It’s nice to know and read about this stuff. I would definitely try to follow these suggestions.

  8. I like how you talked about checking the door seals when it comes to getting a new fridge. As you mentioned, when your fridge seals correctly, you can keep the cool air inside and keep your food preserved. We have been thinking about getting a new fridge for quite some time now, and I think that this post will help us figure out the kind of fridge that we want. Thanks!

  9. VS Chaitanya says:

    You have mentioned some great tips. yNow, Inverter technology has taken over the home and kitchen appliances. The Inverter technology allows the compressor to work consistently at different speeds. There will be more electricity savings with Inverter Refrigerators and Air COnditioners. Also, it is important to check out the star rating before buying a fridge.

  10. Steele Honda says:

    I just bought a new fridge for my place and I would love to be able to keep it running well! That is a good idea to check the seals around the doors of the refrigerator as if there was a leak, it would make my fridge work harder than it has to. I will make sure to keep an eye on it and call a professional if I notice something wrong with my fridge.

  11. Deb Pearl says:

    I just bought a new fridge for my place and I would love to be able to keep it running well! That is a good idea to check the seals around the doors of the refrigerator! If there was a leak it would make my fridge work harder than it has to! I didn’t know that using a baking soda and water solution would be a good way to clean the seals! Thank you for the great tips!

  12. Very informative article. Thanks for sharing the tips with us. But is it really that much important to clean the coils? Because I don’t remember if we ever clean the coils of our refrigerator. Luckily Our refrigerator is running fine.

  13. Emma Maria says:

    Great piece of information. Maintenance refrigerator is very necessary if you want a hassle-free life. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  14. Dave Brown says:

    We have an older side-by-side KitchenAid Refrigerator Model #: KSCS25INSS00, dating back to 08-2004. Just recently we noticed the center wall between the freezer and refrigerator compartments extremely hot to the touch. Found this site and all of the excellent suggestions… We pulled the fridge out from the wall and cleaned it to a fare-thee-well – was truly amazing how much stuff we took out (yuck).

    That seemed to do the trick…for a bit, then the condenser-cooling fan seemed to stop at random times… and the unit would proceed to overheat. The current remedy is to place a small room fan directly facing the condenser to keep the system cool – and that works; except the misses has a giant appliance in the middle of her kitchen.

    So, from reading this site, I thought I would just replace the refrigerator evaporator fan motor (amazon link)… because sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. However, I got to thinking what good would that do if what is “turning on” that fan is really the problem, e.g. one of the control units or circuit boards… what do you think? Replace the fan will fix things right, or perhaps the fan is just fine (because it does work when the condenser motor runs…up to a point), the true culprit lies somewhere else…?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts and ideas.

    • admin says:

      Good morning Dave –

      I received your comments on our blog post regarding your fridge. I agree that replacing the condenser fan motor may not do the trick. What you will need to do is to check with a meter to see if you are receiving 110VAC to the motor when it not running. If you have the correct voltage to the motor and it is not running then it should be replaced. If you do not have the proper voltage to the motor when the compressor is running you may have a control board issue. I would be happy to discuss this further with you. We can also supply you with whatever parts are needed. Please call me at 1-800-726-7130 if you need further assistance.

  15. I didn’t realize that you need to clean the coils on a fridge regularly. It makes sense that keeping dust and dirt from building up on them would help keep it running properly, though. I am getting a new fridge, and I want to make sure I can take care of it properly. I will be sure to keep these tips in mind, thanks for sharing.

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