Every home appliance requires some level of maintenance to run smoothly and have a long life. Refrigerators are no different. You use your refrigerator extensively every day, and if you follow specific useful tips, you can keep it running for a long time.

Set the Right Temperature

It is crucial to keep the temperature of your fridge to an optimum level for better operation. We recommend that you set the fridge temperature between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer at 0 degrees. Also, make sure that you are not overloading or blocking the air vents in your fridge.

Change the Water Filter   

You consume water on a daily basis from your refrigerator. However, water filters only come with a certain lifespan and depending on your usage, they will need to be replaced. If the water dispenser pressure is low, that means it is time to replace the water filter. At Doc’s Appliance Service, we carry water filters for most brands of refrigerators.

Check the Door Seals

A loose seal on your refrigerator leads to cool air seeping out. It can waste energy and cause your fridge to work harder than it needs to. Because of this, you have to ensure that seals are free of food residue. You can clean door gaskets with mild soap and water or 409. After cleaning and drying the door gasket, lubricate the gasket with Vaseline.

Utilize the Space for Energy Efficiency

Contrary to the popular belief that having less food in your fridge makes it run more efficiently, your refrigerator will run much better when more food and drinks are stored in it. These food items help absorb any warm air that might seep in and help to keep the temperature low. Because of this, if your fridge is mostly empty, you may want to think about buying a smaller refrigerator for your needs.

Keep the Refrigerator Coils Clean

When the condenser coils of your refrigerator are covered with dust, it cannot run efficiently. For maximum efficiency of your fridge, you should clean the condenser once a year. Doc’s carries condenser brushes for all major brands.

At Doc’s Appliance Service, we offer quality repair services to our customers at a very competitive price. We are also proud to offer our customers some helpful hints to ensure the life of your household appliances. Moreover, we carry most parts of favorite appliances for DIY enthusiasts. We are family-owned and operated and take pride in excellent customer satisfaction. For your refrigerator repair or maintenance needs, contact Doc’s Appliance Service at 800-726-7130.