When was the last time you had your appliances checked? Most appliances should be checked at least once a year. Having a yearly checkup helps to prevent your appliances from acting up on you when you need them the most. Waiting until your appliances are not working could leave you waiting for a repairman. If you wait until the last minute, there’s a good chance that other people have done the same. You are probably not the only one whose stove stops working right before the holiday cooking season or whose heater goes out on a cold morning. Scheduling a yearly checkup is the best way to help your appliances last longer and save you money. Here are a few tips on the best time to get your most-used appliances checked.


Waiting until the last minute to schedule your furnace checkup could leave you and your family in an uncomfortable position this winter. The best time to schedule your yearly furnace maintenance is during late summer or early fall. This is the time of year when heating professionals are the most available. Since most heating professionals also specialize in air-conditioning, their schedules are typically still busy during the summer. Many people also wait until the dead of winter to contact heating professionals, which makes their schedules full. Scheduling a yearly checkup for your furnace between summer and fall will help keep you and your family warm this winter.

Stovetops and Ovens

The holiday season is when people tend to rely on their stovetops and ovens the most. Turkey, pies, and cookies need to be baked throughout the holidays, and you need a stovetop and oven you can rely on. When you forget to have your appliances serviced prior to the holidays, it could leave you without a working stovetop or oven – or even both. The best time to have your stovetops and ovens serviced by a professional is during late summer and early fall. Just like with furnaces, most professionals service multiple types of appliances. This means trying to schedule your maintenance before the holidays but after the summer air-conditioning rush helps to ensure your kitchen is in working order all season long.

If you want your appliances to be reliable and last a long time, then it’s important to have them checked by a professional yearly. A few of the most-used appliances during the winter are your furnace, stovetops, and ovens. These appliances keep everyone warm and fill up bellies during the holiday season. Make sure your appliances are ready to go this year with the professionals at Doc’s Appliances. We offer services for all makes and models of appliances. If you are ready to have your appliances checked out by the best, contact Doc’s Appliances today!