If you’re buying a washer, you can count on spending $400 at a bare minimum. If you’re looking at top of the line models, the price tag could be as much as $1,900. In a word, washers are expensive– it’s worth doing some research on which washer is best for you. There are pros and cons to both, so read before you buy!

  • Cost. If saving money is your top priority, look for a top-loading washer. Top-loaders with an agitator are your best bet at saving money for your initial purchase, if not saving on energy and water efficiency. If other considerations are at the top of your list, then read on.
  • Cleaning power. While more expensive, front-loading washers clean better than their top-loading counterparts. They spin faster, extracting more water and shortening drying time. However, the high-spin speed can also cause these machines to vibrate. If a front load washer is used on a first or second floor of the home, in order to prevent excess vibration, the floor may need to be braced underneath so the washer does not damage the floor. Additionally, front-loaders can be more prone to developing mold. You can prevent this with some routine maintenance and cleaning, but it will always be an additional hassle.
  • Time. Top-loaders without an agitator, known as high-efficiency (HE) washing machines, are your best bet for a short cycle. These also spin fast, which shortens drying time.
  • Efficiency. Front-loaders may be more expensive and more prone to mold, but they are the most water-efficient option. If you’re committed to environmentalism and water-conservation efforts, then a front-loader may be your best option. However, there are still plenty of efficient models to choose from with HE top-loaders.
  • Size and practical concerns. This is one of the most obvious concerns, but it’s also one of the most important. If you have a bad back, a front-loading washer may necessitate bending over more than you would like. You can buy pedestals to lift the appliance off the floor, but these are surprisingly expensive, going for as much as $250. Conversely, top-loading washers can be pretty deep, making it difficult for shorter individuals to reach anything far at the bottom of the appliance. Before you buy, try reaching into washers at a store nearby. If you need tongs to reach inside the washer, it’s not worth it.

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