Flat range stoves have been all the rage for at least a decade. What’s not to love? The smooth surface and the sleek look are all advantages. Not to mention the lack of burner coils and pans that collect crumbs and boil-overs. But no matter how gourmet, or careful, of a cook you are, you’re bound to have some spills and food bits that turn into grime on your beautiful new stove. Not sure how to keep it looking like new? We’ve got a beginner’s guide to cleaning and maintaining your flat range stove right here.

First Things First: Prevention

The easiest way to prevent tough grime or stains on your stove is to clean up any spills or crumbs as soon as the burners are cool enough to touch after cooking. Depending on the heat intensity at which cooking took place, make sure you wait at least 15 minutes before taking a damp washcloth to the surface. The warmth from the stove helps the crumbs not stick; snagging them before cooling can prevent the use of some serious elbow grease later on.

When Grime Is Caked On

If clean-up after cooking is not an option, it’s best to give your stove a thorough cleaning every other week. When burners are cool, spray the glass surface with white vinegar and wipe clean. Next, sprinkle baking soda over the stovetop and let sit for 10 minutes. Wet a towel with hot water and scrub the surface, working the areas with the most buildup. Next, use it to scrape the baking soda and un-stuck crumbs into a garbage can. Observe the area and if you still have caked on crumbs and debris, use a scraper. Razor blades are useful for difficult spots, so apply enough pressure to the razor blade at an angle to lift off burnt food and crumbs. Be careful not to apply the razor blade perpendicular, as that could scratch the glass surface.

Once your stove top is free of debris, polishing the area can preserve and protect against future spills and damage. Purchase your specific stove top polish at Doc’s Appliance or any hardware store. After purchase, then apply with a sponge or rough scrubby. If a more natural polish is your preference, spray the area with white vinegar again. Then wipe with a dry cloth to ensure a shine.

There are many easy do-it-yourself cleaning and maintenance tasks to keep your flat range stove shining bright and heating properly. If you suspect your stovetop is not heating properly, you can always call Doc’s Appliance Service to troubleshoot or perform routine maintenance. If you have any questions or need any service repairs, give our professionals a call today at 800-726-7130.