Flat-top stoves are becoming popular among consumers, partly because they are easier to clean than traditional burner stoves. For instance, spills are easier to wipe up, and the flat surface provides a level environment for scraping off messes. New to the world of flat top stoves? This article will walk you through the steps for cleaning your stove.

Step One: Clear the Debris and Gunk

Cleaning your flat-top stove is useless if food crumbs and buildup remain during the entire process. The easiest first step is to use a damp washcloth and wipe down the entire stove, removing food crumbs and loose grime. This will prevent any staining from food crumbs in later scrubbing stages.

Step Two: Apply a Cleaning Agent

Thankfully, there are several, acceptable cleaning solutions that you can use on your flat-top stove. The cheapest and easiest cleaning products to use are most likely already in your pantry. For example, white vinegar is great at helping remove grease. Simply spray the surface and then wipe down with a clean towel. If you have tough, stuck-on grime or stains, then proceed by sprinkling baking soda across the range. Using a damp towel or wet scrub-brush, work the baking soda back and forth to loosen grime and then wipe away.

Step Three: Scrape Away

One benefit of a flat-top stove is the ability to scrape off hard-to-clean food from the smooth surface. Sometimes burned or gooey food is harder to clean up. In this case, you can use a razor blade to scrape them off the stove top. Of course, you should exercise caution and give this task your undivided attention to prevent any injuries, as razor blades are extremely sharp.

Step Four: Save the Shine for Last

After you remove any food crumbs and hard-to-reach stains and scrub the surface, it’s time to make your stovetop look new by giving it a shine. Most hardware or supermarkets have the appropriate stove-top polish that you can rub onto the glass with a towel. If you are looking for a cheaper route to add shine to your flat-top, then you can spray it with white vinegar. You can also use some old-fashioned elbow grease and rub the stove with a towel. In the end, you want your stove top to sparkle like the sea.

Cleaning your flat-top stove is simple. All it takes is a little elbow grease and minimal time. Frequently clearing food debris and wiping up spills quickly can also help you maintain the life of your stove and prevent stains. If you have questions about your flat-top stove, Doc’s Appliance Service has trained technicians ready to help you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 800-726-7130.