Many home repairs can be a DIY project if the right tools are available. Appliances, cabinets, shelving, and decorating can all be altered yourself using simple equipment. Not sure about what tools you should have on hand? Read on to learn about four tools every homeowner should have.


Whether you are taking apart an appliance or fastening something together for repair, a screwdriver is a necessary tool. In reality, one should keep two types of screwdrivers on hand. Primarily, you should have a flathead screwdriver, appropriately named because of its shape. Second, you also need a Philips screwdriver, which has four different curves in the head to provide more traction for some screws. Some screwdrivers come with interchangeable heads, which is most convenient if you know you will need both types of screwdrivers.

Claw Hammer

Hammers come in all shapes and sizes, but a claw hammer contains not only a flat edge to pound in nails but also two curved metal pieces to help remove nails and screws from materials. Hammers that weigh about one pound (16 ounces) carry enough force for most DIY tasks around the home and are light enough to be easily portable. When purchasing a hammer, be sure to look over each one. You want to make sure the head isn’t too heavy. You want to feel comfortable with the amount of control you have while using it.

Needle Nose Pliers

Needle nose pliers can help navigate small, tight areas. The pliers have a long and skinny shape which can help you move or bend wires. The shape of these pliers also helps to pull out debris from hard-to-reach areas, such as removing items from a clogged drain.

Cordless Drill and Supporting Drill Bits

Having a drill around will make your unexpected home repairs much more convenient and less stressful. A cordless drill often contains a battery pack that you can recharge after each use. Because it’s cordless, you don’t need to keep the drill plugged in when in use. Best of all, it allows you to be more mobile in your repair efforts. Additionally, consider purchasing a variety pack of drill bits that will fit multiple size screws. This will also help when needing to drill holes of various sizes to hang objects on a wall or make adjustments to shelving.

Home repairs may seem daunting, but having just a few simple and inexpensive tools ready can provide you peace of mind to be prepared for minor malfunctions. Having the correct tools needed to fix appliances will save you time and money. If you find that your repairs needed are too elaborate, do not hesitate to contact Doc’s Appliance Service.  Give Doc’s a call today for all of your home repair questions at 800-726-7130.