Keep Your Oven Running Like a Champ for Years With These Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Problems with kitchen appliances are a huge headache. Regardless of whether your oven is a tool for baking delicious cookies or just cooking frozen pizzas, it’s something you want to depend on. Furthermore, replacing an oven is no small expense.

Thankfully, with some quick tips and regular maintenance, you can avoid oven troubles with ease. Trust us, it’s worth it!

  • Clean it at least twice a year, and wipe down the door at least once a week. We know it’s not fun, but cleaning is a must. If you don’t regularly clean your oven, food will build up and burn inside. This buildup can affect the taste of your food, reduces the efficiency of the ability of the oven to heat up, and most importantly can cause the oven to stop working entirely.
  • Be smart about your cleaning. Before you start cleaning inside, remember to unplug the oven to reduce the risk of electrocution. Our recommendation for cleaning is to use baking soda and vinegar — no harsh chemicals that could affect cooking. Another tip is to put a bowl of water inside the oven before cleaning and turn it on high for 20 minutes: the moisture will loosen everything up. Lastly, don’t clean under the knobs — you could short the circuits or electrocute yourself!
  • Be on your guard for spills. If anything spills, clean it sooner rather than later. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to clean. One idea is to put a cookie sheet with tinfoil under your oven racks when cooking anything that might spill — it will catch the spills and you can just throw out the tinfoil. However, be careful not to block any vents.
  • Check your oven burners for damage. Unfortunately, coil burners do deteriorate over time. If one shorts out during use, it can cause serious damage to the coil itself and the oven as a whole. If you notice a spot that’s redder than the rest of the coil while hot, it is about to short out and should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, replace any coils with noticeable damage.
  • Replace the gas line whenever you buy a new oven. Moving or replacing an oven can cause minor ruptures in the gas line, which can produce dangerous leaks. When installing a new oven, you can usually add a gas line with installation for a nominal fee. Considering the dramatic safety improvement, it’s worth it.

Need advice or further information about maintaining and cleaning your oven? Give us a call or stop in to Doc’s Appliances for tips honed from years of experience fixing appliances. We’re proud to serve handymen all over the Metro Detroit area in maintaining their devices. Call today!