Cleaning your microwave isn’t fun, but neither is using an appliance covered with splatters, grime and caked on food. For food safety, microwave maintenance, and good old-fashioned cleanliness, cleaning your microwave every now and then is a must.

If you’re looking for expert advice for getting a spotless shine inside in your microwave, here are some of our top tips for making the process as easy as can be.

First things first: prep your microwave for cleaning

When cleaning any electrical appliance, it’s important to remember that it can electrocute you. Before doing anything else, unplug the power cord. While you’re at it, examine the cord for damage or fraying — an unprotected cord is a serious fire and safety hazard.

Pre-treat your microwave

If you’ve ever scrubbed and scrubbed to get rid of tough stains or build-up in a microwave, you may be pleasantly surprised to find there’s an easy way to loosen it up. Place a bowl of water (a microwave-safe one, of course) or a handful of soaking wet paper towels in the microwave, then turn it on for a few minutes. This will create steam that makes it easier to clean the tough spots.

You can do this again if necessary, but don’t do it for any more than four or five minutes. If it’s not working, add one tablespoon of white vinegar.

Cleaning solutions

Still having trouble with caked-on spills or grime? A baking soda paste might do the trick. Add one part water to two parts baking soda, then apply it to any hardened gunk. After letting it sit for five minutes, scrub it with a sponge or cloth.

As for wiping down the entirety of the microwave, there are a number of options at your disposal. We prefer to use natural and food-safe cleaners. While all-purpose or commercial cleaners like Windex do work, we think it’s best for food safety to keep those away from any place where we’re putting our food!

If you do use an all-purpose or window cleaner, water it down and make sure to wipe it out with clean water when you’re done. Keep wiping until you can’t smell the cleaner because otherwise, it could get in your food.

We recommend using a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water — half a cup of each is usually enough. Use this to wipe down the entire inside surface, and you’re good to go — no washing with water required.

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