Have you ever pulled your clothes out of the washer and they just aren’t smelling fresh? This could be due to your washer not being properly cleaned. You rely on your washer to clean your clothes, but that is a difficult task if you don’t make sure that the washer itself is cleaned. Here are some easy ways to keep your washer clean so that your clothes are fresh and clean.

Hair Removal

Hair from both humans and furry friends leaves hair in every inch of your home, including your washing machine. When hair enters the washing machine it can get all over clean clothes. This can cause some nasty clumps of hair to get tangled into every nook and cranny of your clothes. To prevent this from happening, make sure to clean out the hair regularly. To remove hair from your washing machine, let the washer air-dry by leaving the lid open. When the interior is dry you can use a vacuum with a hose attachment to suck up all of that unwanted hair. Removing hair from your washing machine ensures that your clothes stay free of unwanted hair.

Deep Clean

Deeping cleaning your washing machine has become extremely simple due to modern technology. Most washing machines come with a self-cleaning cycle that will deep clean the interior of the machine with a push of a button. This eliminates the need to scrub the inside of the washer.

Weekly Wipe Down

The interior of the washing machine is not the only part that needs some love. Dirty laundry often leaves its mark on the outside of the machine. Make sure to wipe down the lid, top, and sides with a cloth and a mixture of water and dishwashing soap to ensure no soiled laundry residue is left behind. This will make sure that your machine stays looking bright and beautiful.

Fabric Softener Dispensers

The fabric softener dispensers don’t usually get cleaned, but they get just as dirty as the rest of the washing machine. Every couple of months make sure to soak these compartments in warm water to remove any build up and grime. This will keep your clothes looking bright and your washer running smoothly.

In order to have a long-lasting washing machine that keeps your clothes looking bright and clean, you have to make sure to properly cleanse it. By removing hair, deep cleaning, wiping down the outside of the machine weekly, and making sure to clean the fabric softener dispensers you can better ensure that your clothes will come out looking clean and fresh every time. When it comes to keeping washers in tip-top shape, check out Docs Appliance Service for all of you washers needs. With fifteen repair trucks and many experienced service technicians standing by, Doc’s is ready to help with your appliance repair needs. Contact us today.