At first glance, washers and dryers may seem like cut-and-dry appliances. One washes your clothes and one dries them– what else is there to see?

Like many other devices, washers and dryers are currently undergoing impressive technological innovation. Several companies are now releasing dishwashers that clean more powerfully, are more energy efficient, and offer novel features never before seen. We’re also edging towards “smart” washers and dryers, which can connect to your phone and even act semi-autonomously.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting advancements in washer and dryer technology:

  • Built-in sinks. Samsung released their Active Wash line of washers last year, which have a built-in sink on top of the washer. This allows you to pre-treat clothes or scrub out stains directly before placing them in the washer. Like many next-generation washers, these are also up to 40% as fast as other washers.
  • Smart laundry. Smart technologies are sweeping the appliance industry as a whole. Smart washers and dryers can tap into WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G or other wireless connections. Smart appliances generally also offer apps for your Smartphone, so you can control these devices remotely and even receive notifications. For example, you can receive notifications when a cycle is complete. If your washer and dryer are both smart appliances, they can communicate– your dryer can pass along load info to the dryer so the settings will be ready to go. Additionally, you can program your appliances to start a cycle at a certain time, even if you’re busy or not at home.
  • Energy-efficiency. With every passing year, scientists find ways to make existing technologies more energy-efficient. The latest washers and dryers boast more efficient cycles, often due to shorter length. Additionally, smart appliances can monitor energy rates in your area and initiate a cycle when rates are lowest. While not technically an energy-efficient feature, it nonetheless saves you money on your energy bill!
  • Self-cleaning features. Many washers and dryers are also incorporating self-cleaning elements to save you the hassle. Furthermore, these features often use soaking and high-speed spinning to clean them without the use of chemicals.

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