Everyone is always looking for ways to save money, but many people overlook how simple it can be to save on electric costs when using appliances around the home. Easy maintenance and warning signs can help determine if an appliance is draining your wallet. This article will highlight a few ways you can save money on your electric bills.

Change Your Filters

Many appliances contain filters that are exposed to the air and can collect dust or debris. For example, lint filters in dryers and air filters in A/C units often become clogged. As a result, this causes them to use more energy. Be sure to check, clean, and replace your filters frequently to avoid clogs in your vents. Moreover, this simple step helps you use energy more efficiently and save money, keeping your costs in check.

Keep your Refrigerator and Freezer Full

Undoubtedly, refrigerators and freezers are meant to store food. Keeping a full fridge or freezer helps your appliances use less energy to maintain a chilled environment. While consumers need to avoid over-packing refrigerators and freezers, keeping them at least two-thirds full provides insulation after initial cooling. The fridge can work less to emit cool air and save on energy usage.

Keep your refrigerator running efficiently by keeping it clean. Most refrigerators have a condenser down below the cabinet in the back and some have the condenser on top. Wherever the condenser is located, you need to keep it clean. Use a brush to clean out the dust and lint. Vacuum up the residue while taking care not to poke the condenser with anything sharp. You should do this once per year, and more often if you have pets that shed fur. The more airflow you can get through your condenser the less your refrigerator will have to run to keep your food cold.

Invest in a High-Efficiency Washing Machine

One specific appliance you can invest in to lower your energy costs is a high-efficiency washing machine. High-efficiency washing machines match water usage to laundry load size to save on water usage. Additionally, because HE washers have no agitator and the drum tumbles over time to wash clothing, it uses less energy. High-efficiency washing machines are fairly new to the appliance market and potentially have higher up-front purchasing costs. However, utilizing this appliance can help lower your electricity costs in the long run.

Appliances make our lives more convenient, but electricity usage can burn a hole in your wallet. Routine maintenance and conservative usage can help curb your electricity bill and keep your appliances running smoother for longer periods of time. If you have concerns about electricity usage from your appliances or need help troubleshooting a problem, you can always call Doc’s Appliance Service. Our service technicians are waiting to help you, so give us a call today at 800-726-7130.