After shelling out your hard-earned cash for a new appliance, you want it to last for as long as possible.

But how long? Is it unreasonable to expect an appliance to last for ten years? What about twenty? And is it just us, or do appliances break down quicker than they used to?

With years of experience in fixing, installing, and serving appliances, we’re happy to bring you some answers. In general, you can count on your kitchen appliances serving you for about ten to fifteen years.

That’s a fairly wide range, but there are finer estimates for individual appliances. For example, dishwashers and microwave ovens can generally be expected to last for about nine years.

Next comes washing machines, which hold a life expectancy of ten years. Refrigerators, dryers, and food waste disposers are estimated at 12-13 years, while ovens hold the longest expected lifespan of a full fifteen years.

Didn’t this stuff used to last longer?

You’ve probably have heard your dad (or your grandpa) wistfully talking about how “they just don’t make them like they used to.” In this case, they’re right!

In years past, appliances were designed to last for decades. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, appliance manufacturers would produce their own components as well as the finished product. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. Many companies proudly advertise that their appliances are “Made in the USA,” but that doesn’t mean the components are. The cost of raw materials has risen over the years, leading manufacturers to seek other avenues to reduce costs and stay afloat. In order to stay competitive, many companies source cheaper components from international manufacturers — reducing the quality of the product altogether.

Yet there’s another, sneakier motive behind declining appliance quality: cheap products mean you have to buy more appliances more often, meaning higher profits. It’s incredibly irresponsible from an environmental perspective, but consumer culture in America has led us to believe that all our appliances have to be replaced every few years.

Repair before replacing!

The good news is that with some know-how, 95% of appliances can be repaired and maintained to serve past these life expectancies. In our many years of experiencing serving appliances, we’ve found that people almost always pitch their devices when they don’t have to. By repairing appliances, you can save hundreds of dollars every year. You’re also reducing waste, which helps protect the environment.

Next time you’re having trouble with your appliance, look no further than Doc’s Appliance Services. Call us today!