Are you concerned about your drinking water? Do you often just reset your water filter when the light comes on? That little light on your water filter isn’t just to look pretty. Studies have shown that drinking water contains different chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens that can be extremely harmful to the body. Water filters make sure that these harmful containments stay out of your water and away from your family. To keep you and your family safe, here are five reasons to pay attention to your water filter.

Contamination Removal

The primary reason people purchase water filtration systems is to get rid of the containments that are in the water. Tap water contains impurities that possibly cause harm to your health. For example, impurities like bacteria often make their way into your body through impure water. Several studies have shown that household water contains harmful chemical pollutants that can be linked to high cholesterol and hormone suppression. They’ve also found carcinogenic heavy metals like arsenic and lead in tap water. It’s important to drink properly filtrated water to prevent these harmful impurities from entering your body.

Water Quality

Your filter should not only remove contaminants but improve overall water quality. Make sure that your water filter properly removes foul taste and smells while preserving the natural minerals that your body needs like calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and fluoride. The lack of these minerals can cause bone density issues, joint conditions, and other health issues. Water is a necessary element for survival, so make sure that the quality is at its best.

Filtration Rate

Most people do not consider the filtration rate of their filter, but it holds importance. The maximum filtration rate is the amount of water that a filter can properly filtrate in one day. If the amount of water you consume out weights your maximum filtration rate, your water will not be properly filtered and you will end up ingested dangerous contaminants. Make sure that your water filter is not only working properly but is the right filter for you.

It’s important to properly take care of your water filter to ensure that it is working efficiently. Make sure that your water filter is removing contaminants properly, is keeping water at quality standards, and that you have the proper filtration rate for your household. Your water filter is the difference between having clear and healthy water and contaminated water. In order to keep your family safe, pay attention to your water filter. With over 30 years of experience, the technicians at Doc’s Appliance Service possess the knowledge needed to repair any appliance and any model. Doc’s is ready to help with your appliance repair needs, contact us today.