Do you have a refrigerator in the garage? Or are you looking to install one? Having a refrigerator in your garage is a great way to store extra and bulk food. While this can be beneficial, most garage refrigerators stop working at some point during the winter if left unmanaged. Putting a refrigerator in the garage without prepping can cause the freezer part to thaw food or the refrigerator part to freeze food. Here are a few ways to keep your garage refrigerator running this winter.

Watch Out for Thawing

Refrigerators work by starting to cool whenever the room temperature rises above a set point – typically around 36 degrees – and stays running until the temperature returns to normal. This means that if the temperature in your garage drops and stays below this set temp, your refrigerator stops working. When your refrigerator shuts down it also shuts down the freezer section. This can leave you with thawed food in your freezer and frozen food in your fridge. While not all refrigerators are immune to this, the ones with two thermometers are less likely to experience this issue.

Check into A Heater

Ever wonder how those outdoor drink machines stay running? They stay outside all winter long and are nothing more than refrigerators. This type of fridge includes internal heaters that keep them at a controlled temperature. If your fridge doesn’t already have a heating element, it may be time to look into one. Some refrigerators allow you to purchase this feature to help your fridge operate properly in unheated spaces. Other manufacturers have made heater-coil kits that can be added to an existing fridge. Having some sort of internal heating element is essential to having a properly running fridge with low outdoor temperatures.

Look at the Temperature Range

In most refrigerators, there is one thermometer located in the fresh-food section. This is what makes the temperature and tells the fridge to start cooling when necessary. Other refrigerators have two thermometers – one located in the fresh food section and one in the freezer. These are the types of refrigerators that are best suited for your garage. They have a wider temperature range and are able to handle fluctuating temperatures. Having the right type of fridge in your garage is essential to keeping it running smoothly all winter long.

When it comes to having an extra refrigerator in your garage, there are a few things you need to know. Putting the right model of a fridge with two thermometers and internal heating is the right step towards a fully functioning garage refrigerator. At Doc’s Appliance Service, we service all makes and models of fridges. We know how to keep your appliances working all winter long. To learn more about Doc’s Appliance Service or set up an appointment today, contact us at 800-726-7130.