A trash compactor makes a great addition to your kitchen and more importantly, your home Instead of taking out the trash once or twice a day, a trash compactor saves you those extra trips to the garbage by neatly compacting trash, making room for more trash. It also reduces the amount of space that garbage and recyclables take up in your home. You obviously want less garbage in your house while taking fewer trips to the garbage can. To keep this handy appliance in tip top shape, we want to provide you with some tips on how to prevent your trash compactor from biting the dust.

Regular Cleaning

Your trash compactor constantly gets jammed full of food waste and garbage. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of gunk and bacteria to build up. To prevent this buildup, it’s important you clean your trash compactor at least once a month. This helps to ensure that it doesn’t become beyond repair. To clean your trash compactor, you first need to make sure that you unplug it; this crucial to your safety. You should never skip this step. While some trash compactors come with an auto shut off system, you’re better off playing it safe. Next, comes the best part. Using a bacterial fighting cleaner, thoroughly clean your trash compactor. You want to make sure the cleaner you use is capable of cutting through tough dirt and grime. Last of all, let your trash compactor dry out after you clean it. Removal of the entire drawer assembly will allow you to clean those hard to reach areas as well as pick up anything that may have fallen out of the bucket. But keep in mind, the drawer assemblies can be heavy so be careful during the removal and replacement process. Cleaning your trash compactor once a month ensures that it continues to work efficiently. Moreover, it helps it last longer.


Like most people, you probably dispose of leftovers by emptying them into your trash compactor. However, when food waste goes into your trash compactor, it results in the growth of bacteria, almost immediately. You know that horrible smell, that builds up and leaks out into other areas of your home, making it smell something died in your house. Well, something is dead in your house, and it’s in your trash compactor. Your trash compactor works hard to deal with trash and prevent your house from stinking. You really have two options in this case. Your first option is to stop throwing food waste in your trash compactor. Alternatively, you can keep trash odor under control by spraying your trash compactor with a disinfectant spray between cleanings. Using a deodorizer on your trash compactor is probably the easiest way to cut down on unwanted smells.


If you find that you continually struggle with unwanted smells from your trash compactor, you might want to check the filter. Do you know the purpose of the filter on your trash compactor? This filter helps to keep all those smelly odors from infiltrating the rest of your house. It should be changed regularly, just like the filter for your cooling system. By regularly changing your filter, you prevent your trash compactor from smelling. Additionally, you also prevent any mold from growing on it. Read your manufacturer’s guidelines to see how often you should change your filter.

As a homeowner, you most likely dread the need to fix or replace your appliances. By simply following these steps, you help prevent the need for repairs or replacement. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. If your trash compactor or any other appliance in your home starts to bite the dust, call in the professionals at Doc’s Appliance Service. We are a family owned and operated business, repairing all brands and models of home appliances since 1986. Next time you need help with an appliance, call Doc’s Appliance Service at 800-726-7130.