One of the hardest decisions as a homeowner is knowing when it’s time to replace an appliance. Sometimes, consumers are hesitant to replace appliances because of the expenses. Other times, they simply grow attached to the way an appliance works. However, replacing appliances at the appropriate time is important to ensure safety.  Here are some tips on determining if it is time to ditch your appliance for a new one.

Your Energy Bills are Sky High

Excess energy use can mean some appliances are having to work harder than normal. As a result, it costs you extra money in energy usage each month. A/C units or dryers are great examples. Damaged motors, heating or cooling units, or leaking coils can all require a professional to repair.  If you find you have to call in for maintenance repeatedly over the year to fix your appliance and lower your energy bills, it is time for a new one.

Your Appliance Does Not Turn On

Replacing an appliance that doesn’t turn on might seem like common sense, but we’ve all heard stories about coming back to abandoned appliances weeks later and surprise, they work! If you are having trouble turning on an appliance frequently, this could be due to a number of issues. Calling a professional to take a look is the safest route. If you depend on this appliance often, it’s probably best to replace the appliance so you can restore the convenience in your life.

Frequently Overheats

Overheating for most appliances is caused by the motor or heating element having to work overtime. Sometimes, this rise in temperature can set off alarm sensors and shut off your appliance before the job is complete. Overheating is also a safety hazard and can lead to a burn or fire.  If you smell smoke or see sparks from your appliance, unplug it immediately and do not hesitate to call the fire department. Replacing appliances that continually overheat is crucial for home safety.
Replacing appliances over time is common and should be expected. If you suspect you need to replace or repair an appliance, Doc’s Appliance Service has trained technicians ready to help you. Our professionals are ready to answer any questions or respond to service repairs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 800-726-7130.