Flat top stoves are growing in popularity not only because of their sleek look but also because they are easy to clean. For example, flat top stoves do not have burner coils or pans. This makes maintenance and cleaning convenient for busy cooks. However, if you recently purchased a flat top stove, you might need a little guidance on how to maintain the appliance. This article will highlight the DIY steps to cleaning your flat top stove.

Wipe it Down

When tackling your flat top stove, it’s best to first start by wiping down the area. The best cleaner is found right in your pantry, as white vinegar can clean just as well as any household cleaning solution. Generously spray the flat top stove with white vinegar and wipe down using a clean towel.

Grab the Baking Soda

After wiping down the flat surface, sprinkle baking soda throughout the stove. Baking soda has a mildly abrasive texture that works well for loosening grime and food. Scrubbing with baking soda will not scratch the glass surface, making it ideal for cleaning. After you spread the baking soda across the stove, place a damp towel over the stove for 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes have passed, use the damp towel to scrub the baking soda around to loosen grease and grime from the stove.

Scrape off Debris

After scrubbing with baking soda, burnt on food or sauces may still be stuck on the glass surface. This is common, especially if you don’t wipe down your stove after each use. Use a razor blade to scrape off burns and debris that you could not wipe away previously. For safety, it’s best to use a razor blade with a handle. Do not use a razor blade that is broken or rusting.

Shine On

Nothing sparkles quite like a squeaky clean stove top. After scraping off all the excess debris, spray the stove down with vinegar once more. Use a clean, dry towel or spot-free cloth to rub the flat top stove and give it the shiny finish your clean kitchen deserves. If you are short on towels, disposable paper towels also work well for this last step.

Deep cleaning your flat top stove can help maintain the heating and efficiency of your appliance through the years. You can also cut your deep cleaning time in half by making sure you thoroughly wipe down your stove after each cooking use. If you have questions about flat top stove purchases or maintenance you can always call our professionals at 800-726-7130 or visit us on the web at Doc’s Appliance Service.