Most consumers own and use a microwave daily, but few actually realize how a microwave works and operates. Microwaves can generate a lot of heat from electricity in a short amount of time. For safety, microwave manufacturing is regulated very tightly. These regulations ensure a tight seal on the microwave to contain the radiation generated during use. Interested in diving deeper into the microwave mechanics? Read on to learn more about this common appliance.

Quick and Easy: The Convenient Process

Microwaves rely on radiation, which are microscopic waves of energy and electricity. Although radiation gets a bad rap, the process generates heat molecules quickly and penetrates food to increase the temperature. Because the microwave is a small, contained apparatus, it poses little danger to consumers. Just remember to stand a safe distance away from the contained space during the microwaving process.

Using Electricity to Heat

Microwaves contain a powerful generator called a magnetron. This generator converts electricity into microwaves which heat the small space quickly. While your food cooks in the microwave, it actually absorbs the microwaves and heat. In turn, these raise the temperature of the food. Because the frequency of conversion from electricity to heat is so high in a small space, your food heats quickly as a result. Microwave insulation come in the form of a thick metal box. This box prevents outside exposure to the high frequency of radiation and heat generated during the cooking process.

Safety First

Common consumer households use microwaves quite often. As such, following a few simple steps can prevent injury with their use. Most importantly, do not put metal of any kind in the microwave. Even a simple sheet of aluminum foil can combust and start a fire within 20 seconds of microwaving. You should cook food using microwave-safe dishes and utensils. Doing so prevents any melting or the release of toxins as a result of the extreme heat exposure. It’s also crucial if you want to prevent injury or sickness.

It’s important to note that microwaves do not cause any danger to the food during the microwaving process. However, direct exposure of skin to microwaves or radiation can cause both short and long-term damage. For instance, microwaves can cause a severe, deep burn. Additionally, radiation exposure can alter DNA and cell structure in the body. As a result, it can cause permanent scarring and long-term abnormalities.

Microwaves are convenient appliances for cooking and work using simple radiation. Not only are microwaves beneficial for heating food, but they also help defrost frozen foods in a short amount of time. Although microwaves are reliable appliances, there is always the possibility of faulty parts or broken machinery. If your microwave is malfunctioning or you have questions about various models, Doc’s Appliance Service is here to help. Give us a call today at 800-726-7130.