You rely on a lot of home appliances every day, and cleaning and maintaining them will help you get the most out of them. You may wonder how often you should be cleaning your appliances for effectiveness. After all, you don’t want to under- or over-clean. All home appliances are different and have a different cycle which determines how often you should be cleaning them.


Dishwashers are used daily, and they tend to accumulate environmental debris along the seal. You can wipe the seal weekly with a mild bleach solution. Dishwashers can also develop mineral residue on the bottom, which will start to come off on your dishes. If you start seeing a white film on your dishes, it means you have not been doing a good job of cleaning your dishwasher. There are commercial products available to take care of mineral deposits, and you should use them every few months to keep your dishwasher squeaky clean.

Washer and Dryer

Washers are prone to accumulate germs if not cleaned regularly. Make sure that after every laundry cycle, you wipe off the water from your washer and let it dry out completely. You can also run an empty cycle with a cup of bleach once a month to keep the germs at bay. The cleaner your washer, the better state your dryer will be in.

Cooktops and Microwave Ovens

Since you use your cooktop frequently, clean food spills promptly to keep the area clean and sanitary. You should also do a deep clean once a month. You should clean your microwave weekly. Make sure the food doesn’t splatter inside by using covers on your food, but if it does, you should clean it right away and not let it sit there. Otherwise, bacteria can grow and contaminate your food during the next warm-up.


Since refrigerators store food, they must be clean. Wiping any spills right away is a good idea, and keeping the fridge handle clean is necessary to prevent the growth of any germs. Doing a deep clean every few months is a good idea, and also ensures that you are not cluttering it with more food than you need.

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