Many of us take our refrigerator’s ability to maintain constant, cool temperatures for granted. A malfunctioning refrigerator can lead to higher temperatures and spoiled food, leading to expensive repairs and high grocery bills. Often times, simple preventative refrigerator maintenance can prevent your refrigerator from breaking down. Here are five simple ways to ensure optimal temperature control.

1.    Check Door Seals and Gaskets

Each time you shut your refrigerator door, a rubber seal or gasket creates a tight seal between the door and front of the refrigerator. If the seal is broken, cracked, or loose, this creates pores and holes allowing air to leak. Warm air leaks into the refrigerator, causing it to have to work harder to maintain cooler temperatures. In worse-case scenarios, refrigerators can’t keep up with the warm air infiltration and temperatures will rise. As a part of routine refrigerator maintenance, you need to check the door seals and gaskets regularly.

2.    Clean Behind the Refrigerator Regularly

Obviously, cleaning is a major part of refrigerator maintenance. Cleaning behind the refrigerator can maintain optimal cooling coils, a key part of keeping a cool refrigerator. The back of your refrigerator rarely sees the light of day, allowing dust and dirt to accumulate on the coils. Keeping the area clear of debris allows for the coils to properly cool. This helps keeps your refrigerator at the right temperature. Try using a hand vacuum for easy access to keep the back area clean.

3.    Keep your Freezer and Refrigerator Full

Having cold items throughout your fridge and freezer helps aid in cooling down the environment. The more food you store in the freezer at colder temperatures, the less energy your refrigerator requires to cool. Using this technique ensures cooler temperatures for your fridge.

4.    Cool Food Before Refrigerating

It’s tempting to toss hot leftovers in the fridge right after a meal. However, doing so actually raises the surrounding temperature in the refrigerator. By doing this, you cause your fridge to work much harder to cool the food and the surrounding areas. While it takes patience and practice, allowing hot foods to cool properly before placing them in the refrigerator helps reduce temperature imbalance. It also helps maintain a cooler environment for longer.

5.    Check Ventilation

Vents between the freezer and refrigerator allow cool air to travel from the coolest environment (freezer) to the warmer environment (fridge), taking advantage of physics. However, sometimes the vents can get clogged from ice buildup and prevent air movement. Unplugging your fridge and allowing the ice to melt can open up ventilation to cool your refrigerator.
Refrigerator maintenance is important to ensure a cool environment and prevent food spoilage. There are many easy do-it-yourself maintenance checks you can perform regularly to keep your refrigerator cooler, longer. If you suspect something is wrong or your refrigerator can’t cool properly, you can always call Doc’s Appliance Service to troubleshoot or perform routine maintenance. If you have any questions or need any service repairs give our professionals a call today, at 800-726-7130.