When you pay someone to fix your fridge or dishwasher, you want to feel confident it was done right. When they step out the door, you want to rest assured that it’s not going to break down later that night or next week.

After all, you and your family depend upon your appliances. For example, hundreds of dollars of food can go bad if your fridge breaks down in the middle of the summer. Similarly, washing dishes or clothes by hand is time-consuming enough to ruin anyone’s plans for the week. We know how important it is that your appliances run smoothly– which is why we offer a full 30-day warranty on any repairs, and a full 90-day warranty on any parts for DIY repairs.

We take pride in our repair jobs, and we care about leaving our customers satisfied. Our warranties are no-questions asked. If anything goes wrong 30 days after our visit, we’ll take a look at your appliance ASAP and make it right as rain. Similarly, we stand by the quality of our parts. If anything we sell malfunctions or acts up within 90 days, give us a call and we will resolve the issue.

The experts at Doc’s Appliance Services have been repairing and maintaining household appliances since 1986– that’s thirty years of service excellence. In that time, we’ve dealt with every issue imaginable with all kinds of different appliances. We’ve truly learned the ins and outs of appliance repair, leaving us positioned to handle even the toughest and most complicated issues.

This experience also gives us the know-how to maintain appliances to keep them running for years and years. With our maintenance and repair, our customers often report appliances running for years past the manufacturer’s warranty. With enough understanding of how these machines work and a little hard work, most household appliances can run much longer than manufacturer estimates. So before you go shopping for a new dryer, microwave, or dishwasher, give us a call and let us take a look!

Though we’re happy to provide our own repairs, we also give plenty of advice to DIY handymen. If you’re looking to fix it yourself but have some questions, call us today or stop by our shop. Our shop is open six days a week, and we welcome those that DIY to walk in or give us a call. For quality appliance parts and repairs, call Doc’s Appliance Services!