Foodborne illness is an inconvenience, so practicing good food safety when it comes to keeping foods cold in the refrigerator is a crucial preventative measure. Most fridges are straightforward to use and easy to maintain. By following these simple rules for refrigeration, you can ensure your foods will stay cold and avoid food safety risks.

Keep your Fridge Full

The more items you have to fill your fridge, the cooler those items become. The food and beverages in your fridge help chill the refrigerator by contributing to the cooler temperatures. Empty refrigerators rely heavily on the energy emitted to cool the vast, blank space. Make sure you leave at least 2-3 inches of space between items in the refrigerator. This allows the cooled air to circulate and recycle.

Don’t Overstock the Refrigerator

While keeping your refrigerator full can be helpful, stuffing it to the brim with items can be detrimental. Overstocking the fridge increases the risk for an incomplete seal when shutting the door. In turn, it allows cool air to escape and forces your refrigerator to work harder. Filling the refrigerator to overcapacity all at once can also prevent newly purchased items from chilling properly, increasing the risk for bacteria or fungal growth.

Close the Door

The refrigerator door should be closed the majority of the time in order to keep food chilled. Opening the fridge door creates a large gap that can house air exchange quickly. Warm air from the room temperature environment can invade the fridge while cold air escapes. Frequently opening the door can use more energy and also result in more expensive bills.

Check the Door Seal

Keeping the fridge door closed as much as possible with a tight seal is key to ensuring food and beverages stay chilled. Over time, the door seal can wear down and also crack, causing small leaks. Leaky door seals can allow warm air to enter and cold air to escape the refrigerator. Both of these consequences ultimately leading to an increased risk of food spoilage from improper refrigeration.

Keeping food cold in the fridge is an easy task if you know what to keep an eye out for. Refrigeration is crucial for increasing the shelf life of foods and leftovers, allowing ample opportunity to not waste food. If you suspect your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, call Doc’s Appliance Service to troubleshoot right away. Our professionals are waiting to help you at 800-726-7130.