When the weather starts to get chilly, it’s time to pay some extra attention to your home appliances. Taking preventative measures before it’s the middle of winter ensures that your appliances will stay in good working order. Most the time, homeowners don’t think twice about their appliances until something acts up. Taking the time to follow these preventative tips helps keep your appliances in good condition, extend life, and improve overall efficiency. Here are a few of the top appliance preventative tips for winter.

Prevent Dryer Fires

One of the most common times for dryer fires is during the winter. Dryer lint and a running inside heater are the perfect recipe to spark a fire. Make sure that you frequently check your dryer vents for lint clogs. Dryer lint is the primary cause of dryer fires and when you let it build up there can be some serious consequences. Also, check your dryer screens. Small rodents seeking warmth sometimes chew through dryer screens during the winter months. Make sure that they don’t make your dryer a point of entry into your home. Taking these precautions helps to keep your dryer running efficiently all winter long.

Check Your Oven Before the Holidays

Along with the cold weather comes the holiday season. Between cooking family dinners and baking holiday treats, nothing is worse than having your oven quit on you. Check your oven thermostat prior to the biggest cooking season of the year. Having a thermostat that is off by even a few degrees can throw off your cooking and baking. Take the time to ensure that your oven is in working order throughout the holidays.

Keep Your Refrigerator Running

Do you have a refrigerator in your garage? Both indoor and outdoor refrigerators require maintenance when cold weather hits.  Outdoor refrigerators that are not designed for outdoor use should be unplugged during the winter. If they are left operating, they will begin malfunctioning, leaving the water and ice lines frozen while the refrigerator heats up trying to compensate. This quickly leaves you with a broken fridge. Indoor fridges should also be looked at. Vacuuming out the coils and having a professional come out and service your fridge helps to catch any problems early and avoid food spoilage.

Taking the time to do these few and simple preventative measures helps your appliances stay running efficiently no matter the season. At Doc’s Appliance Service, we service all types and models of appliances. We offer advice in the shop and over the phone. Even if you are a do-it-yourselfer, we have the parts in our shop and experts to ask for advice. Prepare your appliances for winter by contacting us at Doc’s Appliance Service today.