Warmer weather is arriving, so that means it is time to prepare your A/C unit for the upcoming seasons. There is nothing worse than a broken A/C on a hot and sweaty day. The good news is that by taking the time to check in on your A/C before the hot, summer season, you can avoid expensive repairs. Not sure on where to start this spring? Here are four easy steps to help you get started.

Inspect the Filter

The filter in your air conditioner is one of the simplest maintenance jobs to complete and can have many benefits. Before the warm season, check your A/C filter and wash or replace if needed. Air circulation through the air conditioner can lead to debris and lint buildup on the filter, causing the unit to have to work harder. This can also trigger allergies by circulating the dust into the air. Replacement filters are cheap, and you can purchase them at any local hardware store.

Insulate the Coolant Lines

Without the cooling and condensation, an air conditioner would not be able to produce cool air. These tubes or lines are often located outside of the A/C unit and covered with an insulating material, such as a spray foam. As you inspect the lines, look for worn down or cracked insulation and tubing. You also want to ensure that they contain no holes. If the insulation is worn down or damaged, you can easily replace with spray foam purchased from a local hardware store. However, if the tubing is damaged, this may warrant a call to your local technician.

Clear the Coils

The cooling coils are the heart and soul of the A/C unit and need to be as clear as possible to avoid clogs, which causes you’re A/C to work overtime and decreases efficiency. To clean the coils, remove the panels and protective grate to access the inside of the unit. Using a specific refrigerator coil brush or a soft-bristled broom or brush, gently whisk the dirt, leaves, or debris out of the coils. If stingy buildup remains, you can use a specific coil cleaner to help loosen the grime buildup.

Test Your A/C Unit

After completing the steps above, it is a smart idea to test your A/C unit early on in the spring and summer season so that if any issues arise, you can call a professional before the hot and humid temperatures arrive. Ensure that your A/C unit is dry and that you have replaced the protective panels before testing. Every house is different, so take note that your thermostat is also working and in sync with your A/C unit.

Preparing your A/C unit for warm weather can help keep your electricity bills manageable and increase the life of your A/C. Although air conditioners may seem like complicated appliances, these four steps are easily manageable for those who like DIY maintenance. If you still have questions about your A/C unit, Doc’s Appliance Service has trained technicians to help you. If you have any questions or need any service repairs, then give our professionals a call today at 800-726-7130.