You shouldn’t take your home dryer for granted and should take proper care of it to ensure its long life. You don’t want to face a situation where you are running late for work, and your clothes have not dried properly. If you keep a few things in mind, they will help in properly maintaining your home dryer and keeping it running smoothly.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Lint Trap

It is very easy to fall into the habit of not cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap. You may clean it sporadically or sometimes forget to clean it. However, it is wise to clean out your dryer’s lint screen after every usage. This will help ensure that your home dryer continues to dry to the best of its ability.

Your Dryer Should Be Standing on Even Ground

The dryer installation manual will have instructions on how to adjust the machine so that it is perfectly aligned and ready to use. Your home dryer must stand on an even ground for your dryer to function properly. You can use a leveling device to check the space where you will be installing your home dryer to avoid any future issues.

Use the Recommended Number of Dryer Sheets

Since you are using your dryer quite frequently and with every load you use a dryer sheet, it is important not to overdo it. Dryer sheets have a terrible reputation for creating problems in dryers due to overuse. Check the recommendations on your dryer sheets and be sure to use the right amount with every laundry load.

If you use too many sheets at one time, the chemicals that are designed to soften the fabric can leave a residue and lead to clogs. Also, make sure that you discard the used dryer sheet after your load is done. Sometimes a sheet may get lost and jam up the dryer mechanisms. However, proper care will ensure a long-lasting dryer.

Don’t Keep Your Dryer in a Tight Space

If your home doesn’t have a laundry room, don’t try to squeeze your washer and dryer into a tight closet. Dryers need extra room around them for the air to circulate. When squished in a tight space, your dryer could start to malfunction and cause problems.

Don’t Overload Your Dryer

You may sometimes overload your dryer to avoid doing an extra load. However, this never works in your favor. Not only will your clothes end up wrinkled and damp, but it can also overwork the drum, bearings, and heating elements and cause your dryer to break down. Carefully read your user manual and always make sure that you are not loading more than the maximum allowed limit in your home dryer.

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