Washing machines are used often, and you’ve probably grown to depend on yours. It can be very annoying when you are ready to load the washer, but it refuses to work. There are some common washing machine problems that you may be easily able to troubleshoot. For some other issues, however, you may have to call in a professional technician.

Your Washer Is Not Draining Properly

Drainage issues are common in washing machines. They can range from being merely a clog in the drain hose to needing to replace a pump. In many cases a clogged drain hose is a reason your washing machine isn’t draining correctly. You can check the drain hose for kinks. If you think that your drain pump is jammed, you may need to call in a technician and have it replaced.

Washing Machine Is Not Spinning Properly

You should keep your owner’s manual handy to troubleshoot problems, like your washing machine not spinning correctly. There could be several reasons why. If you overload your washing machine, it will become unbalanced and not spin correctly. Merely adjusting the load should fix the problem. Also, keep in mind that the main motor is responsible for spinning, and it is possible that it may need to be fixed.

Your Washer Is Leaking Water

Sometimes your washer can create a mess in your laundry room if it is leaking water. It could be a serious issue or a simple fix. When your washing machine is leaking during the spin cycle the most likely reason is the drain hose. You can check the connections on the hose to ensure that they are secure. Also, you can review the water-inlet valve for any build-up of rust or minerals. Or it is possible that it may need replacement. Sometimes, just reducing the amount of detergent used can fix the leakage problem.

Washer Is Shaking Too Much

Usually, washers make noise while running. But if it is shaking and moving from its place, that may be a problem. If your washing machine is sitting on an uneven floor, it may shake and move from its location. You may also notice too much shaking if you have overloaded the washer. Washing too many clothes at once can cause the washer to go off-balance.

Washer Won’t Finish Cycle

If your washer is not finishing the cycle, check to see if it gives an error code and use the owner’s manual to troubleshoot the problem. It is also possible that the timer is defective and you may have to replace it with a new timer.

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