Your garbage disposal is one of the most common culprits of clogged drains, but the good news is that these clogs are simple to prevent. Knowing what foods to avoid putting down the disposal and other easy tricks from the kitchen sink can ensure your disposal runs smoothly. Not sure if you are doing it right? Here are a few easy tips on preventing disposal clogs.

Avoid Putting Grease Down the Disposal

Excess grease from cooking animal products forms a thick, solid layer when it cools. It is the most popular food culprit of clogged garbage disposals. It’s best to drain liquid grease into a jar and then dispose of it in the actual garbage. If oil or fat happen to drip into the kitchen sink drain and down the disposal, be sure to run cold water. Doing this will help the residue solidify before it reaches the trap. Hopefully, this will allow the grease to break up into smaller pieces when you run the blades.

Steer Clear of Large Leftovers

More substantially sized foods should be cut into smaller pieces to avoid getting stuck in the pipes of the garbage disposal. Even though the blades help grind most foods, larger, solid pieces can actually prevent the blades from spinning, causing them to jam. It not only clogs the disposal but also causes damage to the blades and rotors needed for the disposal to run. Preventing these malfunctions can save you from having to call a technician for an expensive repair.

Run the Disposal Frequently

Running your garbage disposal helps avoid corrosion and rust formation along the disposal and pipes. What if your disposal hasn’t run for a while? Try putting a few small ice cubes down the disposal while running, along with running water. Make sure you run your disposal at least every few days in order to avoid corrosion. It also ensures your disposal is working properly for when you really may need it.

Always Run Water When Using the Disposal

Any time food travels down the drain and into the garbage disposal, you should keep a steady flow of water from the faucet. Running water helps move food along the disposal and through the trap to avoid clogs. After all food particles have disappeared in the drain, you’ll want to continue to run the cold water for 10-20 seconds. This extra step helps to prevent any odors.

Preventing clogs in your garbage disposal requires minimal elbow grease. However, it is vital that you pay attention to the items that you put down your disposal. You also need to keep a steady flow of water when using the disposal. If you’re concerned with your garbage disposal or have a clogged kitchen sink, Doc’s Appliance Service has trained professionals that can unclog your disposal or replace the entire apparatus. Give Doc’s a call today for all of your disposal needs at 800-726-7130.